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Jewish Lifeworlds and Jewish Thought
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The areas of interest of the scholar of religious studies, Karl E. Grözinger, are diverse. His research is concentrated on the religious and cultural history of Judaism throughout the ages: Israel in antiquity, the era of rabbinical traditional literature, philosophy of religion during the Middle Ages, the kabbalistic tradition, as well as Jewish thinkers and devout movements in contemporary times. On the occasion of Professor Grözinger’s seventieth birthday, numerous scholars present the first fruits of their current research as a first look into the tendencies of future research in Jewish studies. In accordance with this scholar’s broad interests, the volume Jewish Lifeworlds and Jewish Thought, edited by Nathanael Riemer, is comprised of contributions to a wide variety of topics of Jewish cultural history.With contributions by Hermann Lichtenberger, Hanna Liss, Ronit Meroz, Yoav Elstein, Susanne Talabardon, Nathanael Riemer, Giuseppe Veltri, Dirk Westerkamp, Thomas Meyer, Daniel Jütte, Frederek Musall, Robert Jütte, J. Friedrich Battenberg, Admiel Kosman, Rella Kushelevsky, Elvira Grözinger, Simon Bronner, Avidov Lipsker, Jascha Nemtsov, Rebekka Denz, Micha Brumlik, MichaŁ Galas, Manja Herrmann, Hans-Michael Haußig, Anat Feinberg, Adam Lipszyc, Vivian Liska, Julius H. Schoeps, Edward DĄbrowa, Ewa Geller, Manfred Voigts, Mordechai Lewy and Stanislaw Krajewski.

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