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The Greatest Speeches of Great Women, Hörbuch, ...
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SpeechWorks presents this collection of the greatest speeches of great women. Represented here are some of the most famous women of recent history, including athletes, politicians, businesswomen, diplomats, heads of state, activists, philanthropists, and more. You will hear the actual voices of these women, recorded at public functions at which they were the featured speakers. Included are the following: Amelia Earhart, American aviation pioneer Clare Boothe Luce, American author, politician, and diplomat Eleanor Roosevelt, American politician, diplomat, and activist Golda Meir, a teacher, politician, stateswoman, and prime minister of Israel Mother Teresa, Roman Catholic nun and missionary Katharine Hepburn, Academy Award-winning actress Benazir Bhutto, former prime minister of Pakistan Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the US House of Representatives Queen Noor of Jordan, widow of King Hussein of Jordan Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Dutch American activist, author, and politician Billie Jean King, American tennis champion Gloria Steinem, American journalist and activist Nadia Comaneci, Romanian champion gymnast Melinda Gates, American businesswoman and philanthropist Hillary Clinton, American politician Oprah Winfrey, American actress, talk-show host, and media proprietor Condoleezza Rice, American political scientist Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani activist and Nobel Prize laureate Carly Fiorina, American businesswoman 1. Language: English. Narrator: Amelia Earhart, Clare Boothe Luce, Eleanor Roosevelt, Golda Meir, Mother Teresa. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Guiding Royalty: My Adventure with Elizabeth Ta...
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Imagine you´re a young movie producer trying to jump from small pictures into the international film market. Imagine a novice German director comes to you with a lousy script and barely enough money to pick up lunch. Now imagine that, for reasons that boggle your mind, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton announce that they want to star in your movie. This is the outlandish, funny, touching, and mostly true story told by Yoram Ben-Ami in Guiding Royalty: My Adventure with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. In 1975, Ben-Ami was a struggling young producer making movies and TV shows in Israel. He was married, trying to start a family, and desperate to make it to Hollywood. Suddenly the highest-paid, highest-profile movie stars in the world land in his lap. They are movie royalty and their marriages and private lives fill supermarket tabloids everywhere. He brings them to Israel for publicity only to discover that, as famous as they are, ´´Liz and Dick´´ are out of work with no prospects. In other words, both sides need each other. During the five days that they spend together, all of Israel opens up to Taylor and Burton, and Burton and Taylor open up to Ben-Ami. Now Ben-Ami opens up to the reader about what happened. Guiding Royalty: My Adventure with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton is an intimate look at two ultra-famous people at a time when their fame was at a low ebb. Set in the Holy Land and featuring places and personalities who shaped the history of their times, here is an untold and richly human story. Yoram Ben-Ami (author) has made films for major American studios and TV networks including Lone Wolf McQuade, Stone Cold, Steal the Sky, Jury Duty, The Lion of Africa, The Man Who Broke 1,000 Chains, Sheena: Queen of the Jungle, and the 3 Ninjas franchise, among others. He is active in Hollywood in the Directors Guild and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Nat Segaloff (co-author) has written over a dozen books and produced documentaries including biographies of Arthur Penn, William Friedkin, Harlan Ellison, Stan Lee, Larry King, and John Belushi. His books for Bear Manor Media include Final Cuts: The Last Films of 50 Great Directors and the Screen Saver series.

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