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The New Yorker, September 26th 2011 (David Owen...
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In this issue:COMMENT´´Membership Dues´´, by Steve Coll: The looming vote on Palestine and the U.N.THE TALK OF THE TOWN´´Live from New Jersey´´, by Alec Wilkinson: Drew Eckmann’s New Jersey home and concert hall.´´Attica Is All of Us´´, by Ian Frazier: The Attica prison uprising, forty years later.THE FINANCIAL PAGE´´Jobs and the G.O.P.´´, by James Surowiecki: Why obstruction won’t hurt the Republicans.DEPT. OF INVENTION ´´Survival of the Fitted´´, by David Owen: Make way for bulletproof couture. LETTER FROM NUCLA, COLORADO´´Dr. Don´´, by Peter Hessler: A small-town druggist and his community.BOOKS´´The Secret Shopper´´, by Jenny Diski: The history of shoplifting.THE CURRENT CINEMA´´Road Kill´´, by Anthony Lane: A review of Drive. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Todd Mundt. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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